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Business Consulting Services for Small Business 

At Flynn Accounting Solutions, one-to-one business consulting is the backbone of all the services we offer.

Small businesses are our only priority and your success is our passion. Our monthly participation in your business translates directly into insightful, individualized advice.

Our flat fee service model means that you receive the benefit of all our small business expertise at no extra charge. Every day we are providing advice to our clients based on our knowledge of their specific situation. At each stage of your business growth we are available with practical insights.

We want to be part of your success.

Call Flynn Accounting Solutions today at 781-569-2175 or click here to request an appointment.

“I have been with Flynn Accounting for over five years and could not be more pleased with their professionalism. Their ability to educate and guide my small business is one less thing I need to worry about. Being able to talk with a person who understands and cares goes a long way.”

Doug Carlson

Flynn Accounting Solutions

18 Commerce Way, Suite 4000 Woburn, MA, 01801

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